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Information Management

Improve productivity with David Bowman’s information management architecture for business process improvement

This site is designed for senior managers, information technology professionals and management consultants who want to learn how to establish an information governance framework that will improve business productivity and the quality of data required for decision making.
Information Management Architect

My name is David Bowman. I created this site in 2009 to provide a practical checklist of items to consider for successful data governance.

Information is a valuable corporate asset and getting the right information, to the right people at the right time is a key management objective.

Achieving this objective requires a good strategic plan, a solid management framework, cost effective technology and the adoption of industry best practices, process and methodology.

This site provides guidelines that will ensure successful implementation of information management architecture that will improve business process and productivity.

It introduces steps to consider for strategic planning, provides an information governance framework, introduces data warehouse architecture, provides guidelines for solution delivery, quality assurance and change management methodologies, introduces organizational roles and and reponsibilites and provides a data governance framework.

Information management is a complex, and still relatively new, topic.

The checklist of information management guidelines described in this this site will ensure successful implementation of a discipline that will govern accountability for information required for management and business intelligence purposes.