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Business Intelligence Roles And Responsibilities

Need information management business intelligence jobs and want some practical suggestions about responsibilities, qualifications and salaries?

This site is designed for Information Technology professionals who need  to improve accountability and require guidance and direction to establish information management roles.

It provides information management guidelines for business intelligence  roles and responsibilities.

What is a Business Intelligence Analyst?

A business intelligence analyst is responsible for analyzing analytical and decision support reporting requirements.

They are involved in the following tasks:

Requirements analysis phase

The business intelligence analyst needs to define analytic and decision support-reporting requirements.

They need to determine:
  • Which facts are required for analysis;
  • What questions need to be answered e.g. what query profiles are required to satisfy the business needs; and
  • How changing dimension data will be handled, e.g. suppose sales representative “A” makes a sale in April. Now suppose sales representative  "A" is replaced on Jun 1. 
Does the business want to keep track of the sales by each of the two sales representatives, or are they only concerned with sales by sales territory?

If they need to know sales by each representative, then we need to account for something called a “slowly changing dimension" and this needs to be included in the requirement specification.

The facts and dimensions may be documented in the form of a 1st draft dimensional model. This can be done by a data modeler but is also frequently completed by the analyst using a tool such as Microsoft Visio.

Much of the analysis work involves interviewing business owners and gathering requirements. This role is similar to a business systems analyst and/or system analyst role with a specialization in decision support and analytical reporting.

Analysts can also be involved with prototyping and will need a good understanding of the business intelligence-reporting tool selected for the project.

What qualifications are required for business intelligence jobs?

Business intelligence analysts are business systems analysts with a specialty in analytic reporting and decision support systems--They need extensive analysis experience combined with an excellent knowledge of business intelligence reporting tools.

Can this work be done part time?

A business intelligence analyst is required 100% of the time during requirements analysis and involves much interaction with the business owners.

This role is not a good candidate for remote, telecommuting or offshore work.


Information management projects are data centric and require highly skilled specialists to fill business intelligence roles.

A business intelligence analyst with extensive business, analytical and decision support experience plays a key role during the requirements analysis phase.

This site provided information management guidelines for business intelligence roles and responsibilities.