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Change Management Communication

Need change management communication for an information management change request and want some practical suggestions to ensure rapid change implementation?

A communications plan specifies how communications will be maintainedChange Management Communication among and between project team members.

Why is this important?

This key document ensures that all stakeholders are aware of the communication channels and helps avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

A typical case of bad communications

A quality assurance test run has been running for 6 hours and the normal duration is 30 minutes—the production support specialist sends an email to all developers at 2:00 AM asking for help. One dedicated developer, who is not on the release team, makes a good suggestion, and the job is aborted and re-started.

Unfortunately, that was not the correct answer because the job was actually expected to take 10 hours because of specialized processing required for the test.

The impact of this bad, but well-intentioned, communication—Two days lost while restoring the data base environment and re-starting all processes.

In this case, the correct communications channel should have been direct to the release manager who knew that the job would run at least ten hours.

This type of communication happens all too frequently and results in considerable project loss—A well planned, and well managed, communication plan will prevent things like that from happening to you.

What is normally included in a communication plan?

Change request projects normally have on-going communications such as:
  • Status reporting;
  • Schedule updates;
  • Financial updates; and
  • Risk and issue reporting.
Things to consider...

I have found that the following are frequently forgotten:
  • Policy, standards & best practices, to ensure everyone is aware of expectations;
  • New team member on-boarding, to ensure everyone “ramps up” quickly and is aware of change objectives;
  • Defect management reporting;
  • QA test reporting; and
  • Release management communications.
What should the plan include?

Who What How When Owner
Name and role of person who will receive the communication. Purpose for communicating (i.e. Project Status update, financial status update, Review Issues) Method of communicating (i.e. Status Report, PowerPoint presentation) Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly Person who will create the communications


A change management communications plan specifies how change management communication will be maintained among and between change team and release  team members.

This key document ensures that all stakeholders are aware of the communication channels and helps avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

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