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Configuration Management Roles And Responsibilities

Improve accountability with David Bowman’s information management guidelines for configuration management roles and responsibilities

This site is designed for Information Technology professionals who need  to improve accountability and require guidance and direction to establish information management roles.

It provides information management guidelines for configuration management roles and responsibilities.

What is configuration management

Configuration management is a set of processes and procedures required to ensure that all hardware and software components in production environments are clearly identified and are not modified without some authorized process.

For information management purposes configuration management applies to all of the software code, documentation, test results and other deliverables that are produced during an information management project.

Who is involved with configuration management jobs?

Information management architects are responsible for creating an enterprise configuration management plan that will address standard naming conventions for configuration management and a configuration management database.

Data architects and project managers are responsible for creating a project  configuration management plan the project planning phase. These plans are intended to identify all the deliverables that will be produced by the the project, the owner of the deliverable and whether the deliverable falls under configuration management control.

Project team members are responsible for updating and maintaining the project  configuration management database to help determine the impact of change requests during the project.

Project team members are responsible for creating a release plan and object migration plan to identify all configuration items included in a release package.

Production support configuration management specialists are responsible for updating and maintaining the configuration management database to include new objects included in a production release.

They are also responsible for working with software configuration management tools such as Serena to track all changes to the production environment and to "back-out" changes in the event of issues or problems with the release

Change managers are responsible for ensuring that the configuration management database is reviewed to determine the impact of change  requests in th production environment. They frequently call upon production support configuration management specialists to perform this impact analysis.

Configuration management jobs

Configuration management specialists may be assigned to a project team to help control changes to the application after life cycle activities commence. They might be involved with:
  • Providing a method to ensure the functional and physical characteristics of the information management system are identical to the specifications defined in the technical documentation;
  • Identifying and controlling change to the functional and physical characteristics of hardware and software;
  • Providing a method for formal evaluation of the impact of proposed changes to the functional and physical characteristics of hardware and software;
  • Monitoring and reporting configuration management status;
  • Establishing communications plans for all stakeholders impacted by changes to the application; and
  • Identifying, establishing and controlling configuration baselines.
Responsibilities might include:
  • Identification, which is selecting and labeling all functional and physical characteristics of hardware and software;
  • Control, which is the evaluation, coordination, approval and implementation of all approved changes to the established configuration baseline;
  • Accounting, which provides the administrative support required for maintaining information management system baselines and monitoring the status of the system throughout the life cycle; and
  • Audi, which involves examining configuration records to verify the success of change control and identification processes.
What qualifications are required for configuration management jobs?

Information arrangement configuration management specialists must have at least 2-4 years of experience with data movement software such as Informatica, Ab Initio and Ascential DataStage, experience working in a data warehousing environment and experience with configuration management concepts and tools.

What are salaries expectations?

Configuration management specialists with 3-5 years of related data warehousing experience should expect to earn $70,000-95,000.

What are contract employee salary expectations?

Contract employees can expect to earn anywhere from $45 to $70 per hour. However, this is the amount that is paid to a staffing company. The amount the contract employee receives will depend upon the fee demanded by the resource-staffing firm.

Can this work be done part time?

Configuration management work can be done remote. This is a part time  role during the development phase and requires at least a 50% involvement during quality assurance testing and release to production.

Configuration management jobs can be considered a part time project role. It is a good candidate for contract employees and offshore development.


Information management projects are data centric and require highly skilled specialists to perform configuration management roles and responsibilities. This role is a good candidate for part time, remote access work.

This site provided information management guidelines for configuration management roles and responsibilities.