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Data Warehouse Developer

Improve accountability with David Bowman’s information management guidelines for data warehouse architect roles and responsibilities

Information management projects require:Data Warehouse Developer
  • Data movement (ETL) developers;
  • Database developers;and
  • Data warehouse test script developers.
What are typical responsibilities for data movement developers?

Data movement developers are responsible for creating software code that will extract data from source systems, transform it as necessary and load it into data warehouses and/or into data marts.

They are primarily required during the development, quality assurance and transition to production phases. Responsibilities include:
Helping data analysts run data profiling scripts and documenting the results.
Creating detail design specifications based on architecture and design specifications.
Documenting satisfaction of requirements in design specifications to help with requirements traceability.
Participating in design specification quality assurance reviews involving a data architect and data integration designer.
Creating unit test data to ensure that the code performs under all expected conditions.
Developing ETL software using common tools such as Informatica, Ab Initio, and Ascential DataStage.
Conducting unit tests in a personal schema to ensure that the code meets specification.
Documenting test results and storing test data and results in the project documentation repository.
Participating in code reviews with data architects, lead developers and other developers.
Providing input to operational run manuals.
Responding rapidly to any code defects discovered during quality assurance testing and:
  • Updating unit test data if appropriate;
  • Modifying code as required; 
  • Re-testing new code; and
  • Updating defect tracking tools to document defect resolution.
Provide input object migration plans required for integration, quality assurance, user acceptance testing and release to production,  by identifying all objects that need to be migrated.
Providing post production support to help ensure knowledge transfer.

What are typical responsibilities for database developers?

Database developers may include:
  • Data modelers, responsible for creating  database design specifications and creating data definition language (DDL) scripts required to generate,or modify the database; and
  • Database developers, responsible for creating data manipulation language scripts (DML) to retrieve or manipulate data for specialized purposes such as creating test data, augmenting test or creating quality assurance test scripts, for use by the test team, to validate test cases.
What are typical responsibilities for data warehouse test script developers?

data warehouse test script developers are involved with developing scripts and stored procedures required to create test data, augment test or create quality assurance test scripts to help provide repeatable processes for testing purposes.
What qualifications are required for data warehouse developers?

A data warehouse developer must have at least 2-4 years of experience with data movement software such as Informatica, Ab Initio and Ascential DataStage, experience working in a data warehousing environment, and experience with SQL and stored procedures

What are salaries expectations?

Experienced ETL developers with 3-5 years of related data warehousing experience should expect to earn $70,000-95,000.

What are contract employee salary expectations?

Contract employees can expect to earn anywhere from $45 to $70 per hour. However, this is the amount that is paid to a staffing company. The amount the contract employee receives will depend upon the fee demanded by the resource-staffing firm.

Can this work be done part time?

Development work can be done remote. This is a full time role during the development phase and requires at least a 50% involvement during quality assurance testing and release to production.

This role is not a part time project role. It is a good candidate for contract employees and offshore development.


Information management projects are data centric and require highly skilled IT specialists data warehouse developers during the development, quality assurance testing and release to production phases.