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David Bowman
Information Management Architect

The Consultant

David provides Information Management Consulting services that have improved managerial, operating, and economic performance for a very diverse mix of clients in North America and Europe.David Bowman

He provides vendor neutral recommendations with achievable road-maps, and helps clients avoid unnecessary investment, minimize reliance on costly vendor support, improve competitive edge and reduce costs, and improve productivity with management frameworks and data governance programs that evolve capability and maturity.

  • Information Management
  • Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence Solution Architecture
  • IT Leadership

The Practice

David Bowman has earned an international reputation for helping clients translate complex information management needs into practical solutions, and for providing technical leadership required to ensure very rapid project development, successful implementation and reduced production support costs.

He helps clients when they need to:
  • Improve information management efficiency, and they require cost effective information management architect expertise to plan, and rapidly implement, an information management framework specifically tailored to meet business objectives
  • Reduce data warehouse development and production support costs, and they require specialized data warehouse architect expertise to plan, design and direct rapid delivery of on-time, cost effective solutions
  • Accelerate product launch, and they require specialized technical project management expertise to plan and direct on-time, within budget, project implementation, and ensure quality assurance of all project deliverables
His professional services specifically help:
  • Senior IT management establish an information management discipline and data governance framework;
  • Project management offices establish a project management and change management framework;
  • IT project managers ensure cost efficient data warehouse architecture, rapid project delivery, and quality assurance of all project deliverables; and
  • IT consulting firms augment internal resources to establish highly specialized information management consulting practices.

The Approach
  • Starts with an information management strategy study including senior management brainstorming/planning sessions to set strategic direction, gain clear understanding of business issues and priorities, and produce an achievable information management plan;
  • Produces an information management framework specifically tailored to client requirements for data governance, business intelligence, project management, and change management;
  • Relies heavily on mentoring client teams and transferring knowledge; and
  • Provides on-going technical leadership, coaching and training to ensure successful implementation.

The Results
  • Client teams fully empowered to meet information management business challenges, maximize return on information management investment and minimize reliance on external vendors; and
  • Guaranteed 25% cost reduction.

The Services
  • Information management architecture services, which help clients who need to improve productivity and reduce costs
  • Technical project management consulting services, which help clients who need to bring rapid closure to prolonged project phases and deliver data warehouse projects significantly faster

Industry Experience
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Airport Operations
  • Agriculture
  • Banking (Loans, On-Line Credit, Anti Money Laundering)
  • Coast Guard Operations
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Education
  • Federal/State/Local Governments
  • Fire Protection
  • Forestry
  • Health & Human Services
  • Human Resource Management
  • Mass Media
  • Marine Transportation
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Postal Operations
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Rail Transportation
  • Realty and Property Management
  • Utilites

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