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Software Tester

Need an information management software tester and want some practical suggestions about responsibilities, qualifications and salaries?

Quality assurance is a critical part of information management projectsSoftware Tester and involves a lot of key project team resources to fill software testing jobs.

Project team members contribute to the overall quality of deliverables by participating in design reviews, code reviews and by completing specific testing including unit testing, system and integration testing.

What is a quality assurance tester?

A software tester is a specialized role that frequently is assigned to a project from a software quality assurance center of excellence.

This role is generally involved in the formal quality assurance testing phase and they work closely with, but independent, of the project team.

What arr roles and responsibilities?

The objective of quality assurance testing is to ensure that the information management solution meets requirements. Since most requirements are data and/or business intelligence analytic requirements, testers require specialized expertise in these areas.

Typical responsibilities include:
  • Reviewing information management requirements after they have been base-lined;
  • Participating with the quality assurance test lead to formulate test strategy and test data acquisition strategy;
  • Preparing test cases to ensure that each requirement is tested;
  • Preparing test data to ensure that the test objectives are achieved. In some cases, a small subset of production data might be used as "Starter" test data. The software tester is normally expected to write the SQL query required to create the test file.
  • Augmenting the test data to account for all tests e.g. requirements might specify new data requirements that cannot be obtained by using production data and the tester will be required to create the missing data, and ensure that it gets added to the test data.
  • Writing test scripts to specify the sequence of test operations;
  • Writing re-usable SQL scripts or stored procedures that can verify that the test passed e.g. if the objective of the test is to validate that certain source data is moved successfully to a target data warehouse table, then it might be feasible to create a query that will perform the compare. This approach will ensure that the same test can be executed repeatably until the software tester certifies that the tests passed;
  • Identifying defects, classifying them by severity, and documenting in the project defect tracking tool; and
  • Re-testing as required to ensure that defects were resolved.
What is a test case?

Test cases will describe:
  • Test name e.g. Test 12--test customer account data
  • Test description e.g. the objective of this test is to ensure that customer name and customer account number are moved from Interface Id 10 to DW_CUSTOMER_TBL;
  • Test control, or how control will pass to this test and from this test e.g.
    • this test is dependent upon successful completion of Test 12, test customer account number; and
    • this test must be successfully completed before Test 14--test customer address is executed.
  • Inputs should specify inputs to the test e.g. Interface Id 10 (Customer File)
  • Outputs should specify expected results e.g. Customer name and customer account number should be moved to DW_CUST_TBL.CUST_NAME, and DW_CUST_TBL.CUST_ACCT_NBR
  • Test scripts should specify the steps that should be followed to execute the test e.g.
    • Execute work stream 4 (to populate DW_CUST_TBL)
    • Execute Test Script 13 to validate results;
    • Compare source and target results;
    • if identical, pass test;
    • if not identical:
      • fail test;
      • document results in defect management tool;
      • Assign severity 3.
What qualifications are required?

The quality assurance team should have experience with data warehouse software testing procedures and the test software selected for the project.

Testers should also be experienced with database development tools and/or programming techniques such as SQL.

Much of the technical testing such as load manager testing will require significant input from the ETL development team.

What are salaries expectations for software testing jobs?

Experienced quality assurance testers with 3-5 years of related data warehousing experience should expect to earn $45,000-70,000.

What are contract employee salary expectations?

Contract employees can expect to earn anywhere from $40 to $60 per hour. However, this is the amount that is paid to a staffing company. The amount the contract employee receives will depend upon the fee demanded by the resource-staffing firm.

Can this work be done part time?

Quality assurance environments are usually “locked down” which presents challenges for remote access---Quality assurance testers are required full time during the quality assurance phase.

This role is not a part time project role but it is a good candidate for contract employees and offshore QA testing.


Information management projects are data centric. Most project team members will be involved with quality assurance testing as part of project roles and responsibilities.

A software tester is a specialized role that frequently is assigned to a project from a software quality assurance center of excellence.

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