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Software Testing Jobs

Need information management software testing jobs and want some practical suggestions about responsibilities, qualifications and salaries?

Software testing is a critical part of information management projectsSoftware testing Jobs.

The following roles are involved with software testing jobs.


Data movement developers are responsible for:
  • Preparing a unit test plan before coding;
  • Creating unit test data;
  • Documenting expected test results;
  • Testing code in their own personal schema;
  • Documenting test results;
  • Validating that code produces expected test results;
  • Placing unit test results and test data in the project documentation repository; and
  • Participating in code reviews to validate that unit testing is complete.
Data Architect

Data modelers and data architects are responsible for:
  • Testing data definition language (DDL) scripts in their own personal schema; and
  • Placing DDL in the project documentation repository.
System Tester (Senior Developer)

Team leads or senior developers are responsible for:
  • Participating in code reviews to ensure unit tests are complete;
  • Preparing system test plan;
  • Creating system test data;
  • Documenting expected test results;
  • Moving code to the system test environment;
  • Execute work streams that comprise the system test including system test scripts;
  • Validating system test results;
  • Creating defects, if required, in the defect management tracking tool; and
  • Placing system test results and test data in the project documentation repository.
Database Administrator

Database administrators are responsible for:
  • Creating system, integration, quality assurance, user acceptance and release testing environments;
  • Executing data definition language (DDL) and data manipulation language (DML) scripts in the appropriate environments (as specified in the test plans);
  • Performing back-ups and restores as required.
Integration Tester (Senior ETL Designer)

The integration tester is responsible for:
  • Participating in system test reviews to ensure systems tests are complete;
  • Preparing integration test plan;
  • Creating integration test data;
  • Documenting expected integration test results;
  • Moving code to the integration test environment;
  • Executing work streams that comprise the integration test including integration test scripts;
  • Validating integration test results;
  • Creating defects, if required, in the defect management tracking tool; and
  • Placing integration test results and test data in the project documentation repository.
Quality Assurance (QA) Test Lead Software testing Jobs
The QA test lead is responsible for quality assurance testing the entire solution to ensure that it is ready for user acceptance testing.

Responsibilities include:
  • Formulating a test data strategy;
  • Obtaining test data;
  • Base-lining test data;
  • Documenting test cases;
  • Specifying and conduct reconciliation tests to manually confirm the validity of data;
  • Conducting regression testing to ensure that the new software does not cause problems with existing software;
  • Manage scope to ensure that perceived defects are actually requirement defects and not something that would be “nice to have but we forgot to ask”;
  • Defect management and reporting; and
  • Ensuring that test entrance/exit criteria are documented (in conjunction with the technical lead or project manager)
Software Tester

The QA software tester is responsible for:
  • Creating QA test cases;
  • Documenting test steps;
  • Writing repeatable query scripts to extract data and compare it with other data sets to validate accuracy of test;
  • Executing test scripts to validate test results;
  • Documenting all test results; and
  • Identifying QA test defects.
User Acceptance Tester

Users are responsible for:
  • Specifying requirements acceptance criteria;
  • Working with the QA Test Lead to document planned user acceptance tests and expected results;
  • Conducting user acceptance testing if appropriate e.g. using business intelligence tools to test functionality to ensure that business intelligence analytics and reports work as intended;and
  • Certifying overall acceptance of the final product.
Release Manager

The release manager is responsible for testing the release package prior to moving new code to the production environment. This includes:
  • Preparing a release test plan;
  • Creating release test data;
  • Creating the release test environment;
  • Restoring the production environment to the release test environment;
  • Moving release test data to the release test environment;
  • Creating a release team and assigning release tasks;
  • Reviewing the release plan with the release team;
  • Validate test results; and
  • Certifying that the release is ready to migrate to production.
Production Support Specialists

The production support team may be involved at various stages of software testing. Responsibilities usually become more intensive as testing moves to the QA, user test and release test environments and they will be expected to execute test scripts in the appropriate environments.

Production support specialists are also involved with applying maintenance "patches" after new code has moved to production. This involves creating a production support test environment, synchronizing this environment with the production environment, testing enhancements in this environment and moving objects to production.

What qualifications are required for software testing jobs?

The quality assurance team should have experience with data warehouse software testing procedures and the test software selected for the project.

Software testers should also be experienced with database development tools and/or programming techniques such as SQL.

Much of the technical testing such as load manager testing will require significant input from the ETL development team.

What are salaries expectations for software testing jobs?

Experienced software testers with 3-5 years of related data warehousing experience should expect to earn $45,000-70,000.

What are contract employee salary expectations?

Contract employees can expect to earn anywhere from $40 to $60 per hour. However, this is the amount that is paid to a staffing company. The amount the contract employee receives will depend upon the fee demanded by the resource-staffing firm.

Can this work be done part time?

Quality assurance environments are usually “locked down” which presents challenges for remote access---Quality assurance testers are required full time during the quality assurance phase.

This role is not a part time project role but it is a good candidate for contract employees and offshore QA testing.


Information management projects are data centric. Most project team members will be involved with software testing jobs.  Much of this work is technical and requires input from the data movement development team and the production support team.

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