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Technical Writer Roles And Responsibilities

Improve accountability with David Bowman’s information management guidelines for technical writer roles and responsibilities

This site is designed for Information Technology professionals who need  to improve accountability and require guidance and direction to establish information management roles.

It provides information management guidelines for technical writer roles and responsibilities.

What is a Technical Writer?

A technical writer is frequently responsible for creating and maintainingTechnical Writer Jobs technical documentation such as user guides, and training material.

How can they help on an information management project?

Information management projects are data centric. The majority of documentation is technical and not user facing however, there are lots of opportunities to make effective use of a technical writer with the skills required to translate complex “jargon” into easily understandable verbiage.

Planning documentation

The project manager is responsible for project planning and for creating the project implementation plan—This plan is comprised of a series of sub-plans, which impact many or all stakeholders.

An information management project manager should have the skills necessary to create the plans and to document them. They sometimes create technical writer jobs, especially if the project manager is working on a part-time basis.

A technical writer can provide tremendous help to a project team by helping to document and maintain planning documentation such as:
  • Communications plan;
  • Risk management plan;
  • Change management plan;
  • Quality assurance plan;
  • Requirements management plan;
  • Document management plan; and
  • Defect management plan.
Design specifications

Many companies are moving towards telecommuting and offshore development teams.  If is critical that all design documentation conform to standards and be well written to avoid confusion.

The architects and designers are responsible for creating the design specifications but a good technical writer can help by ensuring consistency and clarity.

Operations documentation

An information management project will involve much operational work and it is important that operational procedures be concisely documented and written in a format that ensures no ambiguity. Typical operations documentation includes run-time procedures but may also include things like help desk procedures and security breach, or incident, procedures.

User documentation and training material

This is a typical area that requires help. Users will usually need to access new functionality and well-written instructions can reduce the number of “panic” calls to the help desk.

What qualifications are required for technical writer jobs?

A good technical writer requires the ability to create, understand and communicate technical material in a concise and effective manner.

This position typically requires:
  • A bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field with a minimum of four to five years of information management related technical writing experience; and
  • A good knowledge of information management concepts.
Communications skills are vital—Information management teams are comprised of highly skilled team members with diverse experience and it is important to be able to understand technical challenges.

What are salaries expectations for technical writer jobs?

Experienced technical writers with 4-6 years of related data warehousing experience should expect to earn $50,000-65,000 plus benefits and some form of bonus.
What are contract employee salary expectations?

Contract employees can expect to earn anywhere from $50 to $60 per hour. However, this is the amount that is paid to the staffing company. The amount the contract employee receives will depend upon the fee demanded by the resource-staffing firm.

Can this work be done part time?

Definitely! We have the technology today to allow remote work situations and this kind of work is ideal for a part time basis. This should be considered as a cost saving measure.


Information management projects are data centric and require highly skilled IT specialists to fill technical writer jobs.

A good technical writer should be considered to help ensure clear, well written, documentation.

This site provided information management guidelines for technical writer roles and responsibilities.