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Training Plan

Need information management project training plan checklist and want practical suggestions to ensure rapid project delivery?

What is training?

Introducing a new information management system or changes to anTraining Plan existing system may require training for:

  • Project team members;
  • Production support staff; and
  • Business intelligence end users.
The objective of a plan is to outline the objectives, needs, strategy, and curriculum that should be addressed to ensure that all stakeholders receive needed instructions on how to use and maintain the planned system.

Plan Checklist

The following topics should be covered:


Provide a management summary of the entire plan.
Provide project scope and background information.
List all project contacts including:

  • Project manager;
  • Data architect;
  • Business systems analyst;
  • Senior software designer;
  • Quality assurance manager;
  • Security officer;
  • Release manager;
  • Training coordinator; and
  • The assigned training representative from each stakeholder team e.g. production support, business intelligence end users.
Requirements Traceability

Describe the requirements traceability matrix, which lists all requirements documented in the requirements specification, and trace how they are addressed in all architecture and design  documents, test plans and training plans.

Training Instruction

Describe the approach used to develop the course curriculum.
Provide a list of topics or subjects that must be addressed to ensure training objectives are achieved.
Document any issues and recommendations e.g. list any current and potential issues, constraints and limitations.
Describe the target audiences for courses to be developed.

Instruction Methods

Describe the training methods that will be used to provide the proposed courses.
Describe the training approach e.g. formal classroom, mentoring, web seminar's, etc.
Identify how a training database will be created and used.
Include a description of what data will be used to populate the training database and who will create and load this data.
Describe the training evaluation process required to ensure that training objectives have been achieved.

Training Resources

Describe the methods that will be used to administer the training including procedures for enrollment, status reporting, training completion and security.
Identify all training resources required including things like remote desktop sharing software licenses, classrooms, videos, projectors, etc.
Provide training schedules including key preparation steps such as setting up training facilities, acquiring resources, etc.
Identify any planned updates to the training plan e.g. modifications to training environments, retraining of additional staff and modifications to training curriculum to account for future software releases.

Training Curriculum

Provide descriptions of all components that will make up each course e.g a course may be comprised of several modules and a course description should be developed for each module.


The objective of a training plan is to outline the objectives, needs, strategy, and curriculum that should be addressed to ensure that required training is achieved for a new or updated information management system.

This plan should be completed as part of the project planning phase and should be updated as needed during the life of the project.

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